Watch Repositories on GitHub for PRs

Repositories are the bucket by which PR Focus groups pull requests.

As a user of PR Focus, you can add one or more repositories that you want to watch. When you Fetch PRs, PR Focus makes API calls to GitHub to get open PRs for all of the repositories you’re watching, as well as updating existing PRs that PR Focus has previously ingested.

You can view pull requests in a specific repository, or view an All Repositories dashboard that aggregates all the PRs across all the repositories you’re watching.

You can customize the way PR Focus displays repository details, including:

  • Customizing the repository name or changing the repository label color that displays in the PR Summary view
  • Customizing the columns that display in the repository dashboard when you view a specific repository

You can also customize how often PR Focus fetches updates for the repository, or how long PR Focus waits before setting a pull request to “Inactive” or “Archived.”

You can delete a repository from PR Focus, which also deletes all pull requests for the repository.

Add Repositories

Add repositories to watch for new and updated PRs.

View a Repository

View the Repository Dashboard to see only PRs for that repository or change repo settings.

Repository Settings

Update repository metadata in PR Focus, or stop watching the repository.

Delete a Repository

Delete a repository and all of its PRs from PR Focus.

Last modified September 4, 2023: Update docs for PR Focus v0.2.0 (fc3caa0)