Keep track of important PRs.

Track PRs across repos - on your Mac!

PR Focus provides a single destination for information about important pull requests.

Find out about new PRs in repositories you watch.

Ignore PRs you don’t care about.

Watch PRs you’re reviewing, or your own PRs.

New pull requests!

See new pull requests in repositories you’re watching.

Decide whether to ignore a PR or watch it to track its progress.

Check out the overview video on YouTube.

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Watch GitHub Repositories

Watch important repositories on GitHub. Gather important repositories you want to track in one place.

GitLab and Bitbucket are not currently supported.

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View PR Details

View all the important information about a PR. See all the latest commits, comments, reviews, or status checks.

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Stay on top of incoming work!

Impress your colleagues! Get a promotion!

Or just make life easier.

Coming soon to the AppStore

PR Focus is currently in Test Flight. Coming soon to the App Store!

Contributions and issues welcome!

Contribute a Pull Request on GitHub to improve PR Focus documentation. File issues for docs or for the PR Focus app.

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For announcement of latest features etc.

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