Pull Requests

Watch and ignore PRs to pay attention to the work you care about, and ignore the rest. PRs automatically move based on rules in the PR Focus design. Watch solo PRs when you don’t care about all the work in the repository.

New PRs that are opened in repositories you watch become Incoming PRs in PR Focus. You can also watch individual pull requests if you don’t want to watch all the activity in a repository.

PRs where you are an assignee, a reviewer, or the PR author automatically move into relevant columns in the “All Pull Requests” or repository-specific dashboard.

You can manually move PRs by watching and ignoring them.

After time intervals you can configure, PRs automatically become inactive or archived.

You can view all the PR details for repositories you care about in one place, or get links to review relevant information about a PR in GitHub.

All Pull Requests

View the roundup of all the important pull requests you’re tracking.

Incoming PRs

Find out about new PRs in a repository, and decide whether to watch or ignore them.

View PR Details

View all the important details about any PR you’re watching, in one place.

Solo PRs

Watch individual pull requests for updates.

Ignored PRs

Ignoring a PR gets it out of your way. You can get it back at any time.

Inactive PRs

Stale PRs become inactive after a time interval you set. They move back into your dashboard when updates occur.

Archived PRs

When a PR is closed, it becomes archived after a time interval you set. You can still view archived PRs.