Watch important PRs across repositories - and ignore the rest.

Get an overview of pull requests across repositories you watch, or dive deep into the details of a specific repository or pull request.

PR Focus gives you a snapshot of PRs in flight so you don’t miss any important work that needs your attention. Impress your colleagues by always knowing about the latest status of oustanding work, and eliminate the time-wasting of having to click around multiple repositories to check on work that matters to you.

What is PR Focus?

PR Focus is a macOS app that lets you keep track of important pull requests across repositories. You specify repositories you want to watch, and PR Focus pulls down open pull requests in those repositories. New pull requests go into your Inbox, where you can decide whether you want to watch or ignore them.

Separate sections of the dashboard let you keep track of pull requests where:

  • You’re a reviewer on the PR
  • You’re assigned to the PR
  • You are the person who made the PR

You can see a view that rolls up all your PRs across your watched repositories, or drill into a specific repository for more fine-grained information.

PR Focus includes logic to automatically remove archived or inactive PRs from your views, letting you focus only on the PRs that matter to you.

Why do I want it?

PR Focus is a tool for watching PRs across repositories.

  • What is it good for? PR Focus was written by a technical writer who needs to keep track of engineering pull requests across multiple upstream repositories, and colleagues’ pull requests across multiple documentation repositories. You might find it useful if you are a contributor to or maintainer of more than one repository.

  • What is it not good for? PR Focus is about watching repositories, not making contributions to them. You cannot make PRs or reply to PRs from PR Focus, although the app contains many links to relevant destinations on GitHub to enable you to easily engage directly via GitHub.

  • What is it not yet good for? PR Focus is currently in an early private beta on TestFlight. The current development focus is on stability, UI and UX fixes to get to a public beta TestFlight, and eventually a release. Future roadmap will be driven by any early adopters.

Overview on YouTube

Last modified September 4, 2023: Update docs for PR Focus v0.2.0 (fc3caa0)